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   The world-famous GHH-RAND company, founded in 1758 and headquartered in Oberhausen, Germany, is a globally recognized and innovative manufacturer of high-efficiency twin-screw compressors, with more than 560,000 worldwide. The compressor is famous in the world. GHH-RAND stands for innovation, leading technology and design development and is a world-renowned compressor manufacturer.


   MOBO was founded in 2001. In China, it fully follows the German attitude towards quality and high efficiency and environmental protection. In the past 18 years, it has been focusing on the safety, environmental protection and performance of inverter air compressors, helping users to achieve The lean operation of the gas system and the efficient return, the highest user reputation: choose Deman, it is success!


MOBO ASIA new energy air compressor, German original compressor, the choice of successful enterprises-energy saving, more efficient!


Products is our character and enterprise,

We respect our products as we respect our character!



The first thing that came into the eyes of MOBO was the MOBO culture, especially the founder Yan Huanjun's motto on the quality concept: quality is with my life. If there is no quality, I would rather not live.


Deman's mission:

A new energy air compressor with a 10-year warranty to save customers safety, energy saving and constant efficiency!


Business Philosophy:

Conscientiousness as a person, to benefit him for his work, to pay as much as anyone's efforts, all members of the sophisticated, the pursuit of material and spiritual happiness!


Deman values:

altruism, progress, gratitude, symbiosis!


MOBO Vision:

Make the sky bluer, make users more satisfied, and make MOBO people happier!


The quality will of all MOBO:

Efforts to ensure the quality and credibility of our products are our principles, because the long-term benefits of honesty and trustworthiness are far more valuable than the immediate profits.

Therefore, we will be the first and only air compressor in the entire industry to implement a 10-year warranty on the entire machine. This will require all of our Demans to provide our customers with the best MOBO products that can stand the rigorous inspection. In order to achieve the bright future we desire!


Welcome to MOBO

   MOBO New Energy Air Compressor 


MOBO-The New Energy is committed to providing air compressors and complete sets of equipment that are safe, energy-saving, constant-effective and energy-efficient, helping customers to increase their production capacity and reduce unit costs.

In the past 17 years, we have never stopped pursuing energy conservation and environmental protection. In 2004, the first inverter air compressor in the trial production industry, the first intelligent variable frequency conversion air compressor in the invention industry in 2008, became the first drafter of the variable frequency air compressor "Marking Standard" In 2012, the invention of permanent magnet oil cold variable frequency air compressor, in 2017, the industry's first MOBO new energy air compressor was unveiled at Shanghai PTC. We customized customers for different working conditions in different industries to provide customers with safety, energy saving and cleanliness. Constant-efficiency air compressor, saving up to 50%, the whole machine ten-year warranty, became the first air compressor in the industry to let users have no worries.


MOBO New Energy, the only compressor brand in the "energy-saving demonstration brand, is really very energy-efficient!




  MOBO new energy air compressor  

 The only selected "Energy Saving Compressor demonstration brand





The world-famous GHH-RAND company, founded in 1758, is headquartered in Oberhausen am rhein, Germany. It is recognized as the most innovative and high-etticiency twin-screw compressor manufacturer, with for 560,000 compressors. world wide.






MOBO energy saving ten years warranty

Most energy-saving



MOBO is the first and only ten-year company that implements a complete machine warranty. There are world-class screw compressors, which are imported from German GHH company. The products include single-stage and two-stage compressors, oil-free and oil-high pressure compressors. These high-precision compressors are suitable for full load under the most stringent conditions. Run for 24 hours.



 Germany imported low heat expansion high precision large capacity







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