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Refrigerated Air Dryer 

          Reduce the amount of water that is mixed with compressed air before use. By reducing the compressed air temperature, water condenses and condenses. And drainage through the automatic drainage (Auto Drain)  

          DIT Air Dryer Dry Air (Air Dryers) technology from Italy. Dew Point 2-10 ° C can support temperature. Wind up to 80 ° C. Supports the air pump from 8-600 horsepower with a 2-layer cooling system, resulting in long life. And get up to 2 full years.

           D.I.T Refrigerant Air Dryers

                 · Air Inlet temperature 80 °C (Max.)

                 · Ambient Temperature 10~43 °C

                 · Dew point pressure 2~10 °C

                 · Independent After Cooler

                 · Air In-Out Pressure Drop <3 Psig

                 · 2 Years Warranty for Compressor and Evaporator

                 · Support air pump from 3 to 600 hp.



 (Standard dryer DHA series technical parameters) 


 (Super Cooling Machine RHA Series Technical Parameters) 



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